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Concrete suitable for cold weather

Special care must be taken when concrete is cast in winter, so remember these simple tips to improve its durability during adverse temperatures.

  • Curing (the process of concrete setting) is very important for a hard durable finish. The reduced temperature will lead to a slower gain of strength rate so it is important that the curing and striking (removal of any formwork supporting/containing the ready mixed concrete) times are extended and not finished too early in order to maximise its life.
  • Once hard, concrete should be kept damp and any water loss minimised as its strength and durability depends on the hydration of the cement. If concrete is allowed to prematurely dry, this reaction ceases and strength and durability properties can be greatly reduced.
  • Prevent frost or freezing temperatures damaging concrete by using thermal blankets, heaters or any other suitable covering. If the water in the young concrete is allowed to freeze, the concrete could be damaged.
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