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Leroc Block – make the connection

We are delighted to be able offer for sale the innovative LeRoc Blocks with its lego style interlocking design, which offers easy, hassle free assembly with a lifting anchor recessed into it and does not require any bonding products or casting. LeRoc blocks are the ideal solution for a range of applications including retaining walls, flood defences, aggregate bays, recycling bays, partition walls, security walls/barriers, silage clamps, Traffic management, workshop sheds, segregation areas (building sites).


  • Walls can be constructed in any weather conditions quickly and effectively saving time and costs minimising disruption.
  • Speed of construction, due to its carefully formed male – female location points.
  • The LeRoc Block can be halved to create straight neat ends opposed to stepped ends providing a greater storage area and smarter look. Easily moved with its recessed lifting anchor. Strong durable and weatherproof.
  • Size: 1200 x 600 x 600 Weight: 1020kg. Manufactured using a C40 design mix which is 30% stronger than most other similar products. Materials locally sourced and of the highest quality.


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