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Hills has shared details of a new traffic management plan in relation to its two sites at Lower Compton and Sands Farm in Calne which comes into effect on 3 February 2020.

Mike Hill, chief executive of The Hills Group, said: “We have been able to introduce this new traffic management plan following the construction of a private internal road that links Hills’ two sites at Lower Compton and Sands Farm.

“The internal link road is only for use by heavy and light goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes that are associated with Hills’ business at either of the two sites. It is not open to members of the public.

“This does not mean that all heavy goods vehicles are removed from the A4 in Calne town centre and Silver Street A3102. In fact any heavy goods vehicles, including those from Hills, that are not collecting from or delivering to either of Hills’ two sites are still able to pass through Calne using the A4 and Silver Street A3102.”

Mike explained further that the traffic management plan also does not apply to:
• vehicles below 7.5 tonnes in weight; nor
• Hills’ vehicles collecting from or delivering to homes and businesses in the Calne area and off the A4.

Hills has put in place a reporting system for local residents who may wish to report vehicles they believe to be in contravention of the new plan. There are three ways of contacting the company, either by:

• Emailing ,
• completing a contact form on Hills’ website (scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the link ‘Sands Farm and Lower Compton Traffic Management plan’),
• or calling a dedicated phone line 01793 781786.

Residents are requested that when making a report they provide as much detail as possible, as without a full or partial registration number, identification of vehicles may not always be possible.

Hills traffic management plan, Calne

Hills’ traffic management plan, Calne

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