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NEWS RELEASE – January 2017

Unearthing new opportunities with quarrying apprenticeship

A group of potential apprentices from across Wiltshire got to experience what it is like to work at a quarry and ready-mixed concrete plant when they visited Shorncote Quarry near the Cotswold Water Park last week. The visit was hosted by Hills Quarry Products following a campaign to promote the recruitment of younger people into the quarrying industry and promote a new apprenticeship scheme.

Recruiting young people into the quarrying industry has so far proved challenging, so Hills joined forces with other quarrying companies and the national Mineral Products Association to highlight the employment and career opportunities available in the industry.

“In particular we are concentrating our efforts on developing a new apprenticeship programme for trainee mobile plant operatives,” said Peter Andrew, group director Hills Quarry Products, “and have attended a number of events at local colleges to introduce the idea to school leavers and existing college students.”

“Quarrying is not an industry that many people are familiar with, yet the products we produce are essential for everyday life through their extensive use in a number of industries including construction.”

Ben Pike was one of the youngsters who attended, and his father Jon revealed the experience was an eye-opener.

He said: “After Ben’s visit we were both surprised at what was involved in the planning stage, before quarrying starts, including archaeological surveys discovering the land’s use over the last hundreds of years, as well as prehistoric finds during mineral extraction.

“Because of the timescales involved in quarrying and then returning land back to its original or a new use, and the ongoing need for the products of quarrying, work will surely continue for decades in this area, providing much needed employment for the local workforce.”

Ben was so impressed with the tour that he has arranged another visit with his twin brother, Tom.

Marcus Taylor also went on the tour, and his mother Tracey said: “The apprenticeship scheme being offered is a very exciting opportunity with real prospects for the future with a well -established and professional company.

“The visit to Shorncote quarry was extremely interesting and the history and geological facts surrounding quarrying in this area was a real surprise and a subject that most people know very little about. Thank you to all involved that took time out to show us around.”

Anyone interested in pursuing an apprenticeship can contact the Hills Group on telephone 01793 714953 or email

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