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Cemfloor now available in Dorset
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Hills is now supplying Cemfloor, a high performance cement-based liquid screed, from its Woodsford concrete plant due to the success of supplying the product from its Newbury site.

Cemfloor is a cement-based liquid screed which has a number of benefits over traditional liquid screed, including:
• easy installation (up to 1,000m² per day) – saves time and costs
• exceptional thermal conductivity (up to 2.9W/mºK) – makes it ideal for underfloor heating
• coverage of a larger floor area (up to 150m²) without joins
• reduced drying times – speeds up the build process.

The product complies with EN 13813, and is designed to be used:
• as a bonded thick levelling screed on concrete
• as a floating screed over thermal or acoustic insulation
• as an unbonded screed on top of a plastic membrane.

Cemfloor is delivered to your site ready for application. For more information, contact our sales team on 01793 714999 or email

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