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Hills’ washed animal bedding sand

Using Hills’ washed animal bedding sand is more comfortable for livestock, reduces dust and could save you thousands of pounds over wheat straw. Isn’t it time you changed?

  • Reduced dust levels, promoting a healthier environment for both staff and cows.
  • Good for soil (PH enhancement).
  • Significant reduction in bacterial and viral pathogens, which can cause mastitis and other animal health issues.
  • More comfortable for cows to lie down on, increasing rest time.
  • Less slippery surface, reported to aid in reducing lameness.
  • Exempt from Aggregate Levy.

Hills Quarry Products’ washed bedding sand is cheaper than straw and helps to prevent the spread of diseases, so is an excellent alternative to traditional bedding. For more information and to find out if animal washed bedding sand is suitable for you, call 01793 714999 or email


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