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Specialist Concretes

We professionally supply concrete specific to the needs of our customers. Whether it is watertight concretes with specialist admixtures, a heavy or light weight density, with steel or polypropylene fibres, a 40 mm aggregate size or foamed type mix – please speak to our sales team for advice and a competitive quotation.

Improved water tight concretes

Even the best concretes may allow water to pass through.  By using specialised admixtures the concrete can be supplied with low water cement ratio and capillary blocking capabilities, improving water tightness where this is required.  We work with all the admixture manufactures and can supply to the individual concrete requirements and specifications. Structures designed that contain water or are required to keep water out may benefit from this latest technology, such as basements, water tanks, tunnels, reservoirs, underground structures and sewerage treatment applications.  Our sales team will be pleased to assist with your specification and requirements in conjunction with the specialist admixture suppliers.

Trench reinstatement and void filling

C4  type roadfill concretes

Roadfill and foamHills Concrete can readily supply materials that have been developed, using high air content concrete,  for use in highway construction and maintenance. These materials may allow more rapid, reliable and cost-effective reinstatements, with less dependence on the skill and physical effort of the operators. These materials may also offer significant environmental or practical advantages, and/or cost benefits, compared with conventional materials, including various combinations of the following:

  • Speed of re instatement and decrease in open trench times and reduced liability of returned maintenance
  • Lower energy requirements during manufacture and/or laying
  • Self-cementing properties to improve performance, reliability of laying and compaction
  • Self-levelling or flowable, to avoid or reduce the need for compaction and to provide health and safety benefits, reducing the amount of lifts
  • Flow around pipes and into voids where conventional filling would be difficult

This type of concrete is also suitable for filling redundant tanks, pits and cellars.

Foamed concretes

Should the specification require low density foamed concrete for specific void filling applications then we can supply this concrete in conjunction with specialist contractors to achieve your specification requirements.   Please contact our sales person for more details.

Polypropylene fibres

reinforced imageHills Quarry Products has supplied a vast amount of concrete with polypropylene fibres. These fibres are batched in the concrete to reduce the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking and plastic settlement, whilst enhancing the surface properties and the durability of the hardened cementitious product. The fibres are generally in lengths of 12 mm and the fibres are coated with surfactant to improve dispersion and bond.

Advantages & benefits of polypropylene fibres are

  • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Reduced plastic settlement cracking
  • Increased abrasion properties
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Increased impact resistance

Our sales team shall be very pleased to discuss your requirements and specification for concrete containing fibres.

Macro fibres

We are able to supply concrete containing macro fibres that can replace tradition steel reinforcement and improve the performance of the concrete. Our various suppliers of both steel and synthetic macro fibre can offer a design service so that your structural specification can be met, often with significant cost savings. Our sales team will be pleased to assist.


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